SF Sound Studio Services

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Streaming, Film Sound, Location Sound, Sound Design, 300m2 Custom Studio Spaces in Amazing Location, 2 Control Rooms, AMS Neve Genesys mixer, Protools HDX 2, Genelec SAM Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Monitoring...

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Great acoustics

300m2 of studio space build from ground up. Designed by studio architect John Flynn from Acoustics Design Group.

The studio has 2 big control rooms, very large live area and a vocal booth.
In addition to main studio room there are 2 iso booths, downstairs hallway with machine room, shower and toilet.
Upstairs we have large kitchen area and two sleeping balconies.
All the rooms have daylight!
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Beautiful location

We are located in the most beautiful part of Finland by the river Pielinen 13km North from the city of Joensuu.
The beauty and the privacy of the location creates relaxing atmosphere for productive sessions.

300m2 of studio space build from ground up. Designed by John Flynn/Acoustics Design Group.
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The best equipment

We have collected amazing collection of the best studio equipment from vintage analog gear to latest in the digital rhealm.
The studio combines the best of both analog and digital.

Digitally controlled AMS Neve Genesys mixer is the heart of the studio. With Protools/MTRX and Cranesong HEDD it makes perfect analog/digital hybrid studio during recording and mixing.

For the full list check out the Equipment tab here on our web site.